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St Tammy Parish Trim and Molding Installation Company

BRC Acoustical and Remodeling LLC was founded over 15 years ago by Ricky and Brian Coe. As locally born and raised brothers, the hand crafted trade came natural and over the years BRC Remodeling has become a well establish company providing a wide range of services throughout the St Tammy Parish area.

Custom decks are excellent for uneven or sloping blocks, allowing you to enhance your living space, and they provide a less expensive solution than concrete or brick structures. All while being more aesthetically pleasing than the look of dull concrete.

Customer Reviews

We appreciate the great job on the windows. They look great and reduced the road noise a lot.

Local Customer Slidell Resident.
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Customer Reviews

Your crew made the hotel updates quick and painless. Thanks again!

Local Hotel New Orleans.
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